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RG HMDES Drilling Engineering Specialist Maximize effectiveness of Drilling Engineering support for RasGas development well programs. Provide technical leadership and assist Drilling Engineering Manager.
RG HMDEA Drilling Engineering Advisor Provides leadership and expert level support to the Drilling Group. Handles projects related to drilling technology and operations with results that can be used with confidence by the RasGas Subsurface Team and Management. Assists the Head of Drilling Engineering in any capacity.
RG HMCEA Completions Engineering Advisor Provides leadership and expert level support to the Completions Group. Handles projects related to completions technology and operations with results that can be used with confidence by the RasGas Subsurface Team and Management.
RG OSMPM Maintenance Planning Manager Directs overall Maintenance Planning activities to assure quality and reliable plans and schedules are integrated and implemented to optimize production cycles and to minimize production interruptions.
RG OSDMMS Deputy Maintenance Manager - Systems Develops, plans, advises and stewards the department’s long term maintenance plans, maintenance and contracting strategies, benchmarking and continuous improvement initiatives, integrity systems and RGEE, of all RasGas onshore and offshore facilities, ensuring compliance to all RasGas goals, objectives, procedures and policies.
RG OSDMM Deputy Maintenance Manager The purpose of this position is to provide Maintenance Expertise in disciplines of field maintenance for LNG Units, Helium, Inlet/EGU, AGI, AKJ, LPG, Utilities/Offsite Assets and Maintenance Workshop Facilities.
RG OSMRE Machinery and Reliability Engineer Engineering Degree in Mechanical Engineering from recognized educational institution or equivalent. Strong Analytical skills. Business Communication skills (reports, presentations, etc.). Team Player and coach.
RG OSMRS Head of M&R Systems Responsible for providing vision and leadership in delivering high quality business processes, systems and applications to the Maintenance Department for meeting its objectives for optimum Asset Management, through adoption of industry Best Practices . Responsible for ensuring overall quality and integrity of the requisite data elements, under a Continuous Improvement framework.
RG OSMSC Maintenance Superintendent Controls Manage and control maintenance controls work teams to ensure all maintenance programs for control systems such as distributed control system, programmable logic controllers, speedtronics for GE gas turbine, TMC, Elics and other control systems installed at RasGas facilities starting from inlet to the sale’s point are safely executed to achieve targeted levels of facilities availability & reliability at best in class maintenance costs.
RG BPM Business Planning Manager To manage a team in supporting and guiding both the SHE Group and peer organisations in the planning for and setting of aligned strategic goals, budget expectations, business improvement processes, regulatory compliance assurance requirements and Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives relating to safety, health and environment.
RG MSAR Marketing Sr. Advisor Regulatory Provide timely Regulatory expertise and reports to the Marketing Managers and negotiation teams during market development, negotiations and optimisation efforts. Monitor, identify and report all potential regulatory risks that relate to commercial marketing activities, opportunities, price re-openers and contract developments which are associated with LNG markets.
RG AM RE Reliability Engineer This position offers attractive tax free salary package and benefits including; free accommodation with furniture allowance, educational assistance for up to 4 children, annual leave tickets, full medical insurance for dependent family.
RG AM PES Process Engineer Specialist (Sulfur Treatment) Provide process engineering support to Sulfur Plant Assets by effectively monitoring, analyzing, troubleshooting, and optimizing the processing units as well as assisting in the development of the capital project plan for their respective asset areas.
RG AM ICE Instrument and Control Engineer Provide technical advice on the design, engineering, troubleshooting, and modification of a wide range of field instrumentation including: sensors, transmitters, control valves (Fisher), field analyzers, gas chromatograph (Siemens) and royalty/custody transfer meters for both gases and liquids.
RG AM MET Metallurgical Engineer Provide metallurgical expertise and technical support to Operations, Maintenance, and Projects. The qualified individual will conduct material selection/upgrade, failure analysis, resolve field issues, material testing, with a focus on hydrocarbons (including cryogenic and acid gas services), and participate in quality and integrity improvement and operating cost reduction efforts.
RG AM PRO Programmatics Engineer Provide expertise and contribute to development and continuous improvement of RasGas Facility Integrity Management System, RGEE 6-6/RG-FIMS for all plant equipment - Regular feed back, review and improvement to the system components, including functional programs manuals, processes and procedures – Planning inspection programs, implementation and evaluation of findings.
RG AM SSE Safety Systems Engineer Performs functional safety duties which include development of procedures, designs and implements modifications, and reports functional safety KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).
RG AM CSE Control Systems Engineer Performs control systems duties which include development of procedures, designs and implements modifications, and reports control systems KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). Conducts and supervises Control Systems teams during shutdown.
RG AM CE Corrosion Engineer Develop, implement, and continuously improve the Corrosion Management Programs, this includes mitigation activities such as: Materials Section, Cathodic Protection, Coatings, Chemical Inhibition and monitoring activities such as: Corrosion Probes, Fluid Sample Analysis, Equipment Inspection. Also provide support to the Pipeline Engineering team in implementation the pipeline corrosion control programs.
RG AM ME Mechanical Engineer Providing Technical advise and support on Design, Engineering, Trouble shooting and Modification to Piping, Pressure vessels, Heaters, Exchangers and Tanks. Provide mechanical engineering expertise and Technical support to Operations, Projects and Maintenance.
RG AM EPE Electrical/Power Engineer Provide technical advice on the design, engineering, troubleshooting, and modification of electrical generation (GE), transmission, and distribution plant up to 132 KV. Responsible for maintaining the reliability of the existing protective relaying / Breaker system (Multilin) and getting involved in the day to day troubleshooting and Data management related with these relays.
RG AM HRE Head of Rotating Equipment Engineering Provides leadership and manages the activities of the Rotating Equipment Engineering Section by planning, coordinating, and monitoring the group’s activities to meet the company’s safety and production objectives.
RG AM HEE Head of Electrical Engineering Manage a team of Electrical and Power Engineers with a clear direction of achieving Company objectives cost effectively and in accordance to company’s operating policies and procedures. Adopts industry best practices and International standards. Understands production priorities, work plans, procedures and how they fit with overall site plans, strategies and goals. Serves as focal point for issues related to Electrical and Power technology, problems and applications, for RasGas Onshore and Offshore facilities.
RG IAPM Integrated Activity Planning Manager The Integrated Activity Planning Manager within the Operations Business Department is responsible for providing leadership and guidance to establish and develop sound planning practices and to implement appropriate procedures that ensure work progress and changes in the operating and business environment are understood and utilized to improve and streamline activities within the whole of the Operations Group.
RG OS 5 Contracts Engineer Provide contracts engineering & administration support to operations group. Work as a focal point for administering operations short ad long term contracts including General Engineering Service (GES), EPC, and call off construction contracts. To implement systems and procedures and produce documentation to allow the effective procurement of contracts in support of the operation of the Company’s onshore & offshore facilities.


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