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RG OS 26 Technology Process Advisor Develop a sustainable technology process across the Subsurface organization. The process helps identify and implement technology initiatives that add significant value to the subsurface tasks. The Technology Process Advisor focuses on improving current processes to increase efficiency with the aim to meet identified savings year by year. He is working closely with the Geoscience, Reservoir Engineering, Drilling and Completion Advisors to fast track and maximise value of those identified technologies. In terms of new technologies his task is to use the drilling schedule and WP&B data to estimate potential savings.
RG OS 25 Technical Engineering Advisor Advises Head of Technical Optimization on potential RasGas technical improvements in the area of drilling operations, Petroleum Engineering, Geosciences and Production Engineering. Develop Continuous Improvement Processes related to Technical Process Enhancement. Help identify, and implement Continuous Improvement initiatives for various departments of the Subsurface Group. Assist the Continuous Improvement Manager by providing support for Special Projects as and when required and for activities where multi-disciplinary skills and experience are required.
RG OS 24 Succession Planning Specialist Manages and co-ordinates the succession planning process. Job holder is responsible for co-ordinating the high potential programme and working closely with career counsellors to ensure actionable career development plans are in place for all employees on this programme.
RG OS 23 Senior Analyst – Business Support Provide robust economic analysis and analytical advice to both the Long Term and Diversion & Spot Marketing Teams. Identify, model and highlight all potential economic risks that relate to commercial marketing activities, opportunities, price re-openers, contract development and a WP&B budget.. Assist the LNG Marketers to identify potential growth markets through market analysis and market intelligence/research.
RG OS 22 Project Control Specialist This role is responsible for the direction and supervision of Facilities Projects in order to deliver, on a day-to-day basis, the services provided by MGS to all RasGas employees, contractors, guests and visitors which are required for the achievement of the Company’s business goals. This role is responsible also for the establishment of initial project budgets / budget updates for all project activities, and to ensure cost and schedule performance tracking of individual projects.
RG OS 21 Project Construction Engineer To contribute to construction projects undertaken by Facilities Projects, in compliance with industry standards and regulations, to ensure that projects are delivered on time, within the budget, to the quality requirements and to high safety standards. Responsible for facilities upgrade and modernisation projects and capable of handling low complexity facilities/building projects.
RG OS 20 Planning Engineer To provide Asset Planning and schedule support for asset and project work activities through close liaison with the Project Engineers, Unit Engineers, Maintenance, and Operations personnel. Responsible for providing support to asset and project teams in term of planning activities and activity calendars, management of asset opportunity lists, and schedule support for the various projects gates through detailed schedule developments, monitoring, and controls.
RG OS 19 Planning & Cost Engineer Specialist To provide project scheduling and cost control support to department operations. To provide budget and administration support and internal controls within the Department and to interface between Finance and the various Departments for the consolidation of the department budget. Prepares and administers the tender documents and other related administrative procedures and documents as required and reviews all information to check the terms and conditions are consistent with company policies and procedures.
RG OS 18 Petrophysics Advisor Performance of petrophysical activities associated with active field development such as: tendering for contract petrophysical services, formation evaluation planning, selection and supervision of contract petrophysical support personnel, on-site supervision and QC of offshore and onshore wireline logging activities (open and cased hole), integrated analysis of all log, core and fluid data, perforation recommendations, incorporation of log analysis results in geologic and engineering interpretations, maintenance of petrophysical databases, and mentoring of less experienced staff. Emphasis on ensuring Logging Contractor quality of service.
RG OS 17 MAINTENANCE ENGINEERING SPECIALIST Participates in the planning of major maintenance and main shutdowns. This includes highlighting specific items of equipment which require Maintenance Support Services involvement, assessing resources, material and logistic requirements.
RG OS 16 Lead Contracts Engineer (Maintenance) To provide Cost Engineering and Post Award Contract Administration support to Maintenance Contracts (CMC and GE CSA), including financial analysis, cost control and monitoring. Responsible for evaluating the adequacy and effectiveness of processes, procedures and cost control measures to ensure that Maintenance Contracts are in compliance with company policies and within contractual boundaries in a manner beneficial to RasGas. Develop measures and reporting system aligned with benchmarking to achieve pacesetter levels in area of Field Maintenance.
RG OS 15 Lead Construction Engineer To oversee smaller projects undertaken by Facilities Operations, in compliance with industry standards and regulations, to ensure that projects are delivered on time, within the budget, to the quality requirements and to high safety standards. Responsible for facilities upgrade and modernisation projects and capable of handling medium complexity facilities/building projects.
RG OS 14 Integrated Activity Planning Manager The Integrated Activity Planning Manager within the Operations Business Department is responsible for providing leadership and guidance to establish and develop sound planning practices and to implement appropriate procedures that ensure work progress and changes in the operating and business environment are understood and utilized to improve and streamline activities within the whole of the Operations Group.
RG OS 13 Maintenance Engineer (Housing) To provide functional leadership in the technical aspects of all Housing maintenance management. To oversee all technical aspects related to Housing maintenance in compliance with industry standards and regulations to ensure a safe, healthy, and conducive workplace environment where the company’s assets are secure, protected and well-maintained to their designed life span. To provide technical support to Facilities Engineers, Supervisors and contractors to ensure that plant civil and external ground maintenance are carried out to the highest technical and safety standards. To provide input in contract planning for outsourcing maintenance services and building facilities modifications.
RG OS 12 Housing & Security Manager To create a competitive advantage for RasGas in attracting and retaining employees by providing excellent company housing facilities and services within budgetary and corporate guidelines to reflect the expansion of the RasGas workforce.
RG OS 11 Head of Workforce Planning & HR Systems Plans, directs and supervises the activities and objectives of Workforce Planning & HR systems section spanning core HR functions of Manpower Planning, Budgeting, bench marking, Organization Management, HR SAP module & Intranet based HR workflows. Develops a comprehensive HR plan to suit business strategy of the company. Ensures provision of timely support to all existing HR SAP applications and HR Workflow users. Focal point for both HR business processes and system related enhancements. Provides management with expert input and analysis for the assessment of staffing levels and control of manpower budgets.
RG OS 10 Head of Corporate Training To provide strategic direction and leadership to develop and implement training policies, procedures, processes, programs and systems to meet the needs of RasGas.
RG OS 9 Head of Business Systems The Head of Business Systems within the Operations Business Department is responsible for providing guidance and leadership and to lead a team of Engineers to establish, develop and implemit business planning and control processes, and SAP systems implementation within the Operations Group. Serve as the focal point for systems analysis and integration mainly SAP various Modules (PS, PM, MM, HR, and FI/CO), process and procedure veravication within SAP and Premavera tools, and systems expense and capital cost reporting. Responsible for evaluating the adequacy and effectiveness of system processes, procedures to ensure that the Operations Group is performing business planning, measurement, controlling, and implementation activities in compliance with Company policies and in a manner consistent with approved business objectives. Supports continuous improvement of business performance in developing systems and procedures aligned with benchmarking reports and to achieve pacesetter levels.
RG OS 8 Electrical Engineering Specialist To provide technology leadership in Electrical Engineering with the expertise to solve highly complex problems and effectively lead technical programs vital to the success of the services provided by the Facilities Operations Section. To provide functional leadership in the technical aspects of the Electrical Engineering aspects of Building projects and maintenance i.e., Low voltage distribution, Lighting, Low current systems.
RG OS 7 Deputy HR Manager Assists HRM with the administration of the day-to-day operations of the human resources functions and duties in Plant. Manages the administration of the human resources policies, procedures and programs.
RG OS 6 Cost Engineer To Provide Cost Engineering Expertise and develop Cost Estimation system for Operations group. To conduct Cost analysis, cost control and monitoring of Shutdown OPEX Budget. Responsible for developing various cost estimates levels for various capital projects.
RG OS 3 Business Process Specialist To design and lead the implementation of business processes to meet the changing needs of the Management Services Group (MGS) and to analyse and record all existing business processes within MGS, providing the necessary data for process review and improvement. An outcome of this work is to enable the identification of improvement to how MGS conducts its functions and activities in order to reduce overall costs, provide more efficient use of resources and to better support.
RG OS 2 Business Optimization Specialist Review the business processes, policies, and procedures of the Management Services Group (MGS) and plan, develop and implement business improvement/re-engineering initiatives which will help increase the efficiency of MGS services to it is customers (internal and external).
RG OS 1 Senior Budget & Cost Analyst To analyse monthly financial variance and budget of management services department as a whole and acting as interface between Finance, CID and rest of management services group, provide financial, budget and administration support and internal controls within Management Services department.


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