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  The State of Qatar, is located on the peninsula in the Persian Gulf & is one of the fastest growing economies and highest per capital income in the world. The country boasts the third largest proven reserves of natural gas in the world plus hold extensive Oil reserves. Offering a very safe tranquil lifestyle to expatriate families with all the facilities you would come to expect of an international city. International standards of safety & quality apply to developing the oil & gas related onshore & offshore projects plus processing facilities up & down stream.

QP SCE Senior Contracts Engineer Provision of professional advise, expertise, and practical assistance to all assigned end-user departments of the Corporation in the review and preparation of scope of work, including developing the most suitable contracting strategy and the verification of the completeness and accuracy of the technical information supplied. Preparation of tender documentation including pricing mechanism, compile comments from other applicable review parties and issue for tendering.
QP ASPM Agreements Specialist - Purchasing & Materials The primary functions of the Agreements Specialist are the tendering, negotiation and award of long term stocking and supply agreements. Manages the pre award stages of agreements critical to the operations of the Corporation. Identifying Original Equipment Manufacturers and repetitive purchase items for inclusion into agreements. Responsible for the supply and installation of materials requiring minor works.
QP HMI Head of Materials Inspection Ensures QP materials are ordered, manufactured, tested, certified and delivered to desired corporate quality standards. Manages and controls manufacturing Quality Audits on manufacturers in line with corporate and ISO19011 standards. Supervisor administration of TPI contract worth QR. 11 million for world wide services. Responsible for direction, supervision and overall administration of Inspection Section.
QP SPES Senior Project Engineer (Structural) Responsible for design review, provision of comments and approvals regarding construction and maintenance of various Structural Projects from initiating the Statement of Requirements (S.O.R.) to Commissioning and ensuring that QP/MIC’s projects are carried out in accordance with the appropriate engineering, safety and environmental standards.
QP PWI Petrophysicist - Well Integrity Directs, coordinates, manages and provides Petrophysical support for to the Well Integrity Engineering Division, in analysing log data and building databases to incorporate dynamic data with different vertical and lateral resolution from well data such as Pressure Build-up Test (RFT/MDT), Thermal Decay Logs (TDT/RST), Production Log (PLT), production log (PLT/Flagship), CMR/NMR and Production History into the models. Interpret production logging data to generate splits for vertical and horizontal wells by reservoir geo-layer.
QP BA Business Analyst Experience should include organizational studies, method study, work measurement, cost reduction assignments, development of information systems and drafting of procedures and reports.
QP SBA Senior Business Analyst To undertake the most complex and technically demanding assignments to improve business processes, reduce costs and raise the efficiency & cost effectiveness of the Corporation. Carry out in-depth studies of the major, high risk business areas.
QP HBA Head Business Analyst To direct Qatar Petroleum and External clients in the process of Change, instigating business initiatives, Benchmarking, Management System Integration, Quality Management and the implementation of new processes, so improving the organization's resource effectiveness.
QP LEG J3 Sr. Counsel (Projects) Benefits Tax-Free Salary Housing Transportation Health and Medical Education and Schools Recreational Facilities
QP LEG J2 Senior Counsel (Contracts) Exciting legal opportunities are available as part of the expansion across the Arabian Gulf. Lawyers with a minimum of 7 years experience, preferably with an oil & gas or related expertise are required.
QP LEG J1 Associate General Counsel (Contracts) 10-15 years legal experience as in house counsel or with an established law firm with specialization in petroleum industry,litigation or regulatory practice,commercial contracts or project finance
QP ITIA IT INTERNAL AUDITORS Our client is a leading National company of Qatar and a major supplier of petroleum products to the world. Should you be looking for a new career path with a great lifestyle to match then this is a great opportunity!!!!!
QP OGIA Oil & Gas Internal Auditors (Major Projects/JVS/Operation/Fraud) Substantial experience in auditing major projects, joint ventures, operations. Conduct audits and ensure compliance with defined audit standards and stipulated schedules. Conduct follow up reviews.
QP MD ESCM Environment Specialist (Compliance Monitoring) The incumbent of the position shall, under direct supervision of Head of Environment and Hygiene, discharge his duties & coordinate/cooperate with other concerned departments to achieve the following objectives: 1. Offshore Operations’ compliance to the State’s Environmental Laws and regulations. 2. Offshore Operations meets the requirements as stipulated in the “Consent to Operate” conditions as well as in other permits pertinent to SCENR. 3. Offshore Operations’ compliance to QP approved Environmental Policy. He shall, under direct supervision of Head of Environment and Hygiene, give the necessary technical support and advice to all departments under Offshore Operations in all matters related to Environmental Compliance Monitoring.
QP MD HEH Head of Environment and Hygiene The holder of this position shall lead Environment & Hygiene division of HSE (O) department towards accomplishment of all responsibilities with fulfilling the purpose of the division. 15 years of professional experience in environmental/ industrial hygiene compliance support with a minimum of 5 years in the Oil & Gas/Chemical industries.
QP MD SELP Safety Engineer (Loss Prevention) Over 8 years experience in the field of Fire and Safety systems design and construction. This includes all Safety and Fire topics covered in the Fire and Safety philosophy with extensive knowledge of international codes and standards, inclusive, 3 years experience in the operations of Oil/Gas or Petrochemical Process Plants.
QP MD IAA Incident - Accident Analyst Over 10 years in the Oil and Petrochemical Industry, with a wide background knowledge in process designs, operations , regulations, standards , research studies including 3-5 years as an Incident/Accident Analyst in Oil and Gas or Petrochemical industry. Ability to apply knowledge and expertise using original and innovative professional approaches and techniques , to solve safety related issues relating to Oil and Gas development and related problems.
QP MD AFC Area Fire Chief To take over all charge of Halul Fire Station to effectively respond to various emergencies/fire situations. To develop and co-ordinate plans for efficient and effective fire prevention, fire suppression and life saving services within Halul operations. To plan and co-ordinate the provision of fire fighting equipment to offshore locations (Halul, PS-2, PS-3 and WHJs.)
QP MD FIH Fire Instructor (HALUL) (7 day/7 day rotation, based offshore) Ensures Halul Fire Training Ground in order to provide training services for firefighters, and other operational staff, pertaining to procedures for attending Emergency Firefighting, Search & Rescue and Salvage operations.
QP MD SOPS2 Safety Officer (PS2) (7 day/7 day rotation, based offshore) Plans and supervises the day-to-day activities of operational safety services for Maydan Mahzam field ( PS-2 and WHJ) to ensure that QP personnel and contractors adhere to the corporation’s safety rules and regulations and safe work practices on site.
QP MD SOM Safety Officer (Marine) (7 day/7 day rotation, based offshore) A minimum of 8 years experience in safety field including 3 years in Marine / Offshore Oil and Gas environment.
QP MD SOP Safety Officer (Projects) (7 day/7day rotation,based offshore) A minimum of 8 years experience in safety field including 3 years ‘Hands-on’ experience on offshore projects in the Oil and Gas or Petrochemical industry. Monitors all project activities within operations (Offshore Fields) and ensures that QP safety standards and contract specifications are maintained and the construction of plant is fit for purpose and safe operations.
QP NC LNGMA LNG Market Analyst Develop and provide analytical support and evaluation tools for QP LNG Marketing team including the preparation and update of economic models and the provision of advanced evaluation reports pertaining to LNG sales projections, pricing scenarios, supply and demand forecast and project economics.
QP NC PMA Performance Management Analyst Benefits; Tax-Free Salary - Housing - Transportation Health and Medical - Education and Schools Recreational Facilities
QP NC JA Job Analyst Benefits; Tax-Free Salary - Housing - Transportation Health and Medical - Education and Schools Recreational Facilities


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  • A Definite Term ? (Often renewed) Pending Management Approval.
  • Comprehensive Life & Accidental Insurance.
  • Comprehensive family medical, dental & medicines.
  • 2.5 working days a month as annual leave.
  • 9 official paid holidays.
  • 14 days sick leave a year & 7 days of compassionate leave a year (On emergencies).
  • Family Annual air tickets back home
  • Freight allowances on mobilization & demobilization.
  • Free schooling up to 4 children (For non-Arabs below age 19)
  • Transportation allowances of QR?s. 800.00 / month.
  • Housing Allowance & one time Furniture allowance (Based on marital status) p/s (Below 2 years, furnished accom. is provided).
  • Maintenance of furniture allowance: QR?s. 5,000 per year (Starting from 5th year of service).
  • Interest free car loan provided.
  • Bonus scheme - One month basic salary for each year of service.
  • Fixed Monthly salary (Based on technical Interview).
  • An Indefinite position on indefinite terms contract is effectively a Permanent position.
  • Comprehensive Life & Accidental Insurance.
  • Annual review based on Performance Appraisal.
  • Comprehensive family medical, dental & medicines.
  • 37 working days as Annual Leave.
  • 9 official paid holidays.
  • 14 days of sick leave & 7 days of compassionate leave a year (On emergencies).
  • Family Annual air tickets back home.
  • Freight allowances on mobilization & demobilization.
  • Free schooling up to 4 children (for Non-Arabs and below age 19).
  • Transportation allowances of QR?s. 800.00/ month.
  • Monthly Housing Allowance(Based on single or married status).
  • Yearly Furniture maintenance allowance of QR?s. 5,000 per year (commencing 5th year of service).
  • Interest free car loan.
  • End of Service Benefits - One month basic salary for each year of service.
  • Basic monthly salary (Based on technical interview results).
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