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QP ICM Contract Manager Lead the development and implementation of the Project Control components and Cost engineering functions for refinery project, specific to budget, schedule and quality.
QP ISPDEPP Sen Project Dev Eng (Process- Petrochems) Emphasis is made on conducting the projects definition and execution subject to budget, schedule and quality through the various phases of feasibility, basic design, detailed design, construction, commissioning and start-up.
QP ISAM Strategic Analysis Manager Provide leadership in development of downstream strategic plans and strategic business plans.
QP ISPDECI Sr.Proj Development Eng Control & Instrument Leads the development and implementation of the electrical components of international downstream projects at various stages, from initiation to commissioning and start-up.
QP ISPDEE Senior Project Development Engineer Electrical Leads the development and implementation of the electrical components of international downstream projects at various stages, from initiation to commissioning and start-up.
QP ISEP Senior Engineer Process Development and implementation of the process components of international downstream projects at various stages, from initiation to commissioning and start-up.
QP ISEC Senior Engineer Civil To provide, with full responsibility and accountability, a professional technical service to Projects in all areas of, Structural/Civil Engineering during Concept Optimisation & Feasibility Studies; Front End Engineering Design; and Detailed Design in EPIC Execution stage.
QP ISPDE Senior Project Development Engineer (HSE) Lead the development, implementation and enforcement of Health, Safety, Security & Environmental components of international downstream and petrochemical projects at various stages, from initiation to commissioning and start-up.
QP SPDE Senior Project Development Engineer Participates and leads the development and implementation of mega downstream projects at various stages, from initiation to commissioning and start-up. Emphasis is made on conducting the projects execution subject to budget, schedule and quality, in respect of best project management practices.
QG SJES Senior Job Evaluation Supervisor Lead the job evaluation and job analyst team to provide the job design and job evaluation processes and services for the Company.
QG JA Job Analyst Provide Job Analysis and Job Design Services to Qatargas and support the Compensation and Policy Division with Job Evaluation Services.
QLUM SECIE Senior EC&I Engineer Provide support for all electrical and control systems and instrumentation in Qatalum Power Plant.
QLUM MSP Metal Systems Planner Design and implement optimal systems and work processes for Casthouse overall metal management.
QLUM PM Project Managers (3 Positions) Required experienced Project Managers with ability to deliver large projects of “high and medium voltage” electrical distribution systems or Aluminum Smelters experience.
QLUM MMR Maintenance Manager (Reduction) As member of Reduction Management Team, incumbent will play an active role in central maintenance and operations management teams, and will be responsible for ensuring the company implements production Systems and maintenance and modifications process in Reduction.
QLUM LPE Lead Project Engineers (3 Positions) Incumbents will be responsible for follow up of the company’s related discipline activities (civil, electrical and mechanical) and optimizes safe solutions based on the company’s philosophies and process.
QLUM HMM Head of Metal Management Responsible for: Master planning between Casthouse and Marketing; operational follow up of orders and stocks in Casthouse with special focus on product mix; main link between Casthouse Metal Planner, Logistics and Marketer’s Metal Management function.
QP LIBPE Lead Interface & Business Planning Engineer Controls Refinery interface activities commencing with conceptual development and proceedings through preparation of agreement through to the endorsement & implementation.
QP HCC Head of Corrosion & Coating Directs and coordinates the activities of assigned personnel and professional contractors in the implementation of corrosion prevention schemes dealing with corrosion monitoring, coating selection & application, selection & injection of corrosion control chemical, material selection and Cathodic protection for reliable and smooth process plants operation and its affiliated facilities.
QG LPE Lead Project Engineer The main responsibilities will be the coordination of technical activities on assigned projects including supervision of fabricators and other sub-contractors, project planning and scheduling and the coordination and implementation of assigned engineering work.
QG JES Job Evaluation Supervisor Works according to specialized administrative standards and established procedures. To a large degree, involves independent planning and work prioritization. The incumbent therefore must be capable of deploying self-initiative and motivation.
QG MPS Manpower Planning Specialist Incumbent act as an Advisor to the HR Department on Manpower planning matters. Undertakes studies of organisation structures and design. Provides advice on ideal organisational design to achieve business goals and Company strategy after thorough review of business processes and business objectives.
QG EES Employee Engagement Supervisor This is a professional position responsible for work in the Personnel Administration Division. Work activities involve the design, development, implementation and evaluation of programs regarding employee orientation, recognition, retention, transfer and separation.
QG CMC Crisis Management Coordinator Develops implements, administers and coordinates a comprehensive crisis management and emergency response system for Qatargas. This includes procedures, training, drills/exercises and coordination with all interested parties within Qatargas and externally.
QG PSO Plant Safety Officer Controls the provision of a safe and hygienic work environment for all Company and contractors’ personnel in the gas plants and marine areas. Includes developing and monitoring safety procedures; presenting safety training programs; auditing work practices in assigned area, in particular the”work permit” system; investigation and advising his supervisor on all matters related to incidents or accidents and preparing appropriate recommendations to prevent their recurrence in the future.


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