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JOB TITLE Senior Business Analyst (Water)
DATE POSTED 6/08/2008
INDUSTRY Engineering/Oil/Mining
LOCATION Middle East - Qatar
Description :

Researches and surveys (Market Research) the Qatari Water market to determine the optimum strategy and plans for future expansion of the electricity business. This includes financial and economic analysis of the proposed projects.

Major Duties and Responsibilities:
1. Conducts market research of the Qatari water market to determine the optimum strategy for development of the water business.
2. Propose various business opportunities to his section head and to the planning division of the department. These opportunities must be based on analysis of the external and internal    business environment. In this effort close cooperation is required with all departments particularly Engineering and Customer Services Departments.
3. As part of the above, conducts various economic and financial analysis of the proposed projects and present these results to planning.
4. Keep up to date record of the technology development in the industry.
5. Participates in the negotiations with third parties regarding the initiation of new business opportunities.
6. Contributes to the preparation of the section annual and long term plan. This includes the internal plan of the section and the external plan, which should be submitted to the planning    section.
7. Provides and monitors training and development assignments for Qatari Development trainees.
8. Prepares various studies and reports related to the water business as required by his higher management.
9. Performs other related duties as needed upon request by the immediate supervisor.

Pre-Requisites :

Education & Training (e.g. BS in Electrical Engineering, ... etc..) :
• Educated to degree level in a technical or business discipline. Trained to complement technical education with business skills or vice versa.

Job Experience (in the relevant field of work):
• 10 years’ technical and business experience in the electricity industry, with direct experience of corporate planning and in conducting financial analysis and economic feasibility studies.

CONSULTANT Warren Gibson


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