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JOB TITLE Head of Purchasing Supplies
DATE POSTED 26/02/2010
INDUSTRY Engineering/Oil/Mining
LOCATION Middle East - Qatar

Job Purpose:

To develop and provide the Company with management support to achieve a professional, ethical, reliable and cost effective Procurement service for Material Purchasing and associated services to meet user department work programs for OPCO and other Expansion Group activity.

Key Result Areas:

        Plans, directs and supervises the activities of the Procurement Departmentís Purchasing Supplies Section supporting both Onshore and Offshore Operations, Maintenance and Administration operational activities for the purchase of materials and goods.

        Responsible for Purchasing Supplies section objectives, policies, process improvements, initiatives, management systems and personnel maintain professional and ethical relationships with suppliers.

        Supervise the preparation and management of Purchasing Supplies section Operating and Capital Budget to set overall objectives and establishing work programs.

        Ensures that technical and commercial evaluations of tenders are carried out in accordance with approved strategies and are consistent with the Companies overall requirements.

        Reviews purchase orders regularly to evaluate performance of various suppliers and identify areas requiring improvements both in quality and for possible Business Process Improvements.

        Responsible to ensure Company purchase requests, including tendering activities and post purchase award activities are in compliance with Company policy, procedures and procurement standards.

        Develop and maintain Quality control operating procedures for Purchasing Supplies section including company wide customer and supplier feedback loops.

        Acts as a focal point for Purchasing Supplies section staff training and development, preparation of Individual Development Program.

        Responsible for developing and initiating new innovating tendering and purchasing methods to reduce costs and administrative processes.

        Deputise on behalf of the Procurement member in company Senior Management Limited Tender Committee (LTC) and the annual Qatar Petroleum Suppliers forum.

        Acts as a Focal point for all internal and external party audits of Purchasing Supplies section.

        Responsible for the Purchasing Supplies section ISO and RGEE compliance.

        Responsible for establishing high level contacts with major vendors, suppliers and sub-contractors and undertakes visits, as necessary to ensure specification compliance and most competitive edge is achieved.

Operating Environment, Framework and Boundaries:

        Procurement Department is a major service provider to all areas of the Company for purchasing goods for onshore and offshore facilities and Expansion Projects. The emphasis is on customer focus with the aim of providing a timely, cost effective service.

        The departmental systems are SAP based and all personnel need to be familiar and understand the operating procedures.

        Senior Commercial personnel must be familiar and understand the Company commercial procedures (CPM) and Table of Financial Authority (TOFA), complete with, local and worldwide International Commercial Trade and Shipping Terms and Conditions.

        Operations are carried out within a well-structured environment with a clear reporting framework.

Communications and Working Relationships:

        Regular contact with supervisory staff, Company-wide, to discuss, plan and carry out work activities.

        Regular contact with Company Senior Management, including Group Managers, Department Managers to discuss operational, procedural and tender details and maintain good working business relationships.

        Daily contact with the Procurement Manager to discuss operational and training matters.

        Regular contact with suppliers to resolve complex contractual problems and to negotiate purchase orders.

Problem Solving/Complexity:

        Establishes procedures within broad company policies and principles. Work requires analytical, interpretative and constructive thinking, with a significant degree of evaluative judgement.

        Undertakes complex tasks and acts as a source of guidance for staff and internal customers.

        Takes initiatives, based on experienced gained, to deliver timely and cost effective service.

        Sets situations/issues in the context of the whole team and has an appreciation of the wider relationships with other people and organizations

Decision Making Authority and Responsibility:

        Responsible for establishing purchasing policies and procedures, short and medium term plans and is accountable for operational and economic performance in accordance with sound operating standards and principles.

        TOFA signing authority for Contract / PO packages up to US$ 500K on approved budget items.

Knowledge Skills and Experience:

        Bachelor of Science Degree in an engineering discipline, or equivalent.

        Minimum 10 years diversified oil and gas sector experience related to purchasing management and at least 5 years at the supervisory level.

        Must have in-depth knowledge of administrative and operations services and international standard forms of trade and contract.

        Must have in-depth knowledge and experience of a comprehensive range of purchasing supply chain management and work processes.

        Trained and experienced in modern management methods.

        Must have exposure to and experience in the application of Quality Management concepts and principles under ISO 9000 Series or British / European standards.

        Excellent interpersonal skills and must have experience of working with and managing a multinational workforce.

        Extensive experience in dealing with vendors, suppliers, contractors and consultants, particularly those involved in the oil and gas, petrochemical or Engineering sectors.

        Must be fluent in written and spoken English with an excellent understanding of business law and contract management.

        Must have in-depth knowledge, understanding and experience of International freight terms.

CONSULTANT Warren Gibson


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