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JOB TITLE Senior Financial Analyst - Debt & Fx
DATE POSTED 28/09/2010
INDUSTRY Financial Services
LOCATION Middle East - Qatar

Key Result Areas:

·        Debt management.

·        Foreign Exchange (Fx) management

·        Compliance with Debt Covenants and RasGas policies and procedures.


·        Ensure that all payments of principal and interest for the loans to RG, RG (II) and RG3 are made on time and that the conditions of the covenants on these loans are met.

·        Communicate, as required, with the Common Security Trustee concerning all debt payments.

·        Prepare Distribution Certificates for dispatch to the Common Security Trustee in a timely manner.

·        Manage the foreign exchange exposure of the three companies to the forward payment contracts which are to be made in Euros and Yen.

·        Develop scenarios and models for decisions on Fx hedging and recommend the desirable strategy to shareholders for approval.

·        Source foreign currencies on Fx spot markets when payments contracts are not hedged.

·        Exercise appropriate checks and controls on the exchange rates and processing of Deal Tickets.

·        Negotiate Fx spot swaps with banks to secure cash flow when debt payments fall due before Hedging matures.

·        Provide assistance to Financial Reporting to restate hedge transactions at “fair value” for purposes of reporting.

·        Determine current spot rates and provide to Financial Reporting for representing the values of foreign bank account balances in periodic reporting.

·        Generate data and reports to provide comfort to shareholders, lenders, trustees and other concerning compliance with debt indentures and covenants.

·        Contribute to the annual updating of the RasGas financial models.

·        Review and amend internals controls, policies and procedures as required to ensure enforcement.

·        Contribute to the establishment and execution of credit evaluation procedures for tender participants.

·        Assist other Finance group departments concerning the review of policies and procedures for the issue of Letters of Credit for customers.

·        Deputise for Head of debt & Fx as required.

Operating Environment, Framework and Boundaries:

·        Works within a changing and very complex operating environment.

·        Works under the direction of the Head of Debt and Fx and is responsible for determining own priorities and establishing work methods to achieve goals.

·        Deals with sophisticated financial transactions.

·        Policies and procedures relating to most routine tasks are in place.

·        Has authority outside payment authorizations to conduct their work with minimal supervision.

Communications and Working Relationships:


·        Daily communication with Head of Debt and Fx to establish related Debt & Fx issues.

·        All other Treasury Department personnel for information exchange and coordination of activities.

·        Group Finance Manager to inform.

·        Regular communication with Financial Compliance and Financial Accounting as required

·        Financial Reporting personnel as required to share information.

·        Managers, Section Heads and staff of Commercial & Shipping, Operations and Legal.



·        Banks, trustees, intercreditor and facilities agents as required.

·        Regular communication with the Technical Advisor.

Problem Solving/Complexity:

·        The principal complexity in this role is created by the terms and conditions of warrants and covenants which cover the debt funding of RasGas’ activity.

·        The timely drawdown and repayment of bank/bond funds, ensuring compliance with a multitude of complex loan covenants, requires coordination with a number of departments to ensure no deviations from strict compliance.

Decision Making Authority and Responsibility:

·        Decides on best Fx rates provider for spot and forward transactions.

·        Makes recommendations on cash requirements based on knowledge of loan documents.

·        Monitors interest rates and provides advice on actions when they move.

·        Decides on the ranking of participants in tendering process.

·        Acts as Head of Debt & Fx delegate when required.

Knowledge Skills and Experience:

·        Undergraduate degree, preferably in an accounting or financial discipline, from an internationally-recognised tertiary institution.

·        Membership of an appropriate professional accountancy or money market/trading body desirable.

·        Minimum of 10 years’ experience working in accounting or financial roles within large, diverse organisations.

·        At least 5 years experience in Treasury areas including banking, cash management, foreign exchange, bank relationships and other related issues.

·        High level of proficiency in the use of financial models and in financial market instruments /derivatives is essential.

·        Exceptional analytical skills.

·        Computer literate with knowledge of ERP systems. SAP experience preferred.

·        Proficiency with Microsoft Office particularly spreadsheets.

·        Excellent verbal and written English communication skills.

·        Good presentational skills.

CONSULTANT Warren Gibson


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