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JOB TITLE Head of Leadership Dev & Succession Planning
DATE POSTED 25/05/2011
INDUSTRY Management/HR
DISCIPLINE Human Resources
LOCATION Middle East - Qatar

1.         Basic Function and Scope:  To provide a professional service to the business, ensuring full compliance to the scope of work, ensuring Qatargas meets the 2015 Vision and beyond. To support each Qatargas Group, itís COO and Senior Managers, with an updated and implemented leadership development strategy, which supports Qatarisation.  This comprises the identification and maintainenance an evergreen record of key positions and the high potential individuals who are ready, or can be prepared for readiness, as successors for key positions, such that Qatargas has a robust and healthy, talent pipeline and an evergreen succession plan and may effectively manage the risks associated with key position turnover and attrition.


Tasks and Duties: 

Develops HR & Learning strategy for leadership development and business understanding (Skill level)

         Creates an appropriate leadership development strategy directly aligned with the business strategy and vision

         Translates strategic business goals and options into specific leadership development actions and initiatives

         Facilitates discussion to identify key opportunities for to ensure business meets / exceeds goals

         Creates comprehensive action plans to implement leadership development strategy in the long and short term

         Collaborates and communicateswith stakeholders and service providers to turn the plans into a reality

         Evaluates effectiveness of current leadership development strategies

         Knows about trends and develpoments in external learning market


Manage Talent Pool and succession planning processes (Skill level)

         Conducts high potential identification processes

         Analyses and updates talent dats in line with the company needs

         Assesses talent supply and demand, identifying skills gaps, diversity needs and development needs for the organisation

         Creates comprehensive action plan with accountabilities to close the gaps in the long and short term

         Obtains resources to deliver, articulates leadersí accountability and puts metrics in place to enable execution of the plan


Apply change management concepts, theories and diagnosis (Skill level)

         Applies concepts, methodologies and techniques (such as systemic thinking, identifying returns on change etc) to design appropraite change intervention or solution, taking into consideration background, environment and historical interventions

         Mobilieses resources and leads change interventions, maintaining momentum and challenge.

         Determines when and how to intervene at the indvidual, team and organisational level

         Challenges, and coaches others on behaviours and actions to support change



Assess candidates using tools (Skill level)

         Develops appropriate assessment processes, inclusing exercises / interviews, assessment criteria, logistics, and supporting documentation

         Takes account of cultural facots in assessment design

         Administers psychometric assessment tools and evaluates the issues, benefits and drawbacks involved in straight forward situations

         Designs and co-delivers interviewer and assessor training

         Designs and conducts basic audit and evaluaiton processes

         Acts a role model interviewer and assessor

         Provides feedback to individuals based on assessment data


Facilitate and create leadership development interventions (Skill Level)

         Leads the events within the leadership development programme, makling adjustments to the process and content as needed to ensure the objectives are avheived with the allotted time

         Uses multiple facilitation techniques and chooses appropriate interventions to customise meetings to achieve objectives and expectations

          Uses silence, advocacy and enquiry appropriately to name and surface underlying behavioural issues or non-discussable issues

         Maintains the right balance between information, participation and action sessions

         Helps others appreciate differing perspective, attitudes and values



Manage and report talent pipeline data (Skill level)

         Knows full functionality of HR systems and can exploit them to deliver a broad range of data for measurement, information or further analysis

         Decides what data is required in order to track and report talent pipeline performance

         Analyses, interprets information to draw conclusions and proposes decisions for senior management

         Works to achieve optimal data integrity


 3.        Work Contacts:   

Senior leaders, peer group, line management, cross-functional links within the business and external service providers.


4.         Independence of Operation: 

Exercises judgement and initiative in performing a wide variety of higher order personnel assignments.  Works in accordance with general directives and professional standards.  Operates with minimum supervision and only matters of policy interpretation/amendment or significant problems are generally reviewed with Corporate Learning & Development Manager.


5.         Supervisory Responsibility:


                        1 Succession Planning Supervisor


6.         Physical Effort:

85% office environment

15% on-site, exposed to prevailing conditions of heat and humidity.


8.         Work Environment:

85% air conditioned office environment.

15% on-site activities.


9.         Minimum Requirements:


a.       Bachelors degree in Business Administration or HR Management.

b.       10 - 15 years' experience in personnel, covering all aspects of Human Resources Development, preferably in the oil and gas industry.

c.       Very good written and spoken English.

d.       Skilled facilitator with well developed coaching skills able to communicate effectively at all levels with a significant amount of impact and influence.

e.       Background in leadership development and talent pipeline managerment.


CONSULTANT Warren Gibson


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