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JOB TITLE Plant Safety Officer
DATE POSTED 11/10/2011
INDUSTRY Engineering/Oil/Mining
LOCATION Middle East - Qatar

Tasks and Duties :
a. Assists Manager and the Safety Engineer in the formulation and
development of safety programs in the Plants. Includes ensuring the
availability of safety manuals, hazardous area instructions, safety materials,
safety publications and posters. Brings to the attention of the Supervisor
unsafe work practices and worksites and recommends improvements.

b. Develops and conducts training programs in safety principles and practices,
which include supervising practical exercises. Develops and coordinates
orientation programs aimed at promoting accident prevention among
personnel, supervises specific emergency drills for personnel in assigned
area, and assesses program effectiveness.
c. Ensures that safety equipment and facilities are kept in the best working
condition by developing and initiating preventive maintenance programs and
associated procedures; setting up of efficient records keeping systems for all
equipment under his responsibility and recommends the replacement of
faulty equipment.
d. Oversees the implementation of the “permit to work” system, covering hot
maintenance work and man entry. Includes reviewing permits issued by
operations personnel, ensuring proper measures are taken prior to
commencement of work, such as equipment or plant isolation, shutdown and
that necessary tests(such as gas tests) are taken. Ensures all work areas are
safe for required work through visits to work sites during dangerous or
potentially difficult work.
e. Participates in incident control during accidents or emergencies in the Gas
Plants. Investigates incidents and prepares an independent assessment of
cause, results and measures to be taken to alleviate future occurrences.
Prepares regular reports on injuries sustained in assigned area, and
statistical summaries of accidents. Monitors vehicle activity in the plant and
recommends action to be taken in cases of unsafe driving practice.
f. Investigates as assigned incidents of environmental pollution, participates in
the control of clean-up operations using available equipment and personnel.
Prepares reports on such incidents.
g. Inspects new projects construction/installation work on site to ensure that
contractor personnel are aware of and carefully observing Company safety
practices and regulations. Also may be asked at the design stage to review
safety and engineering aspects of bids to ensure that emergency facilities
and equipment and safety concerns are properly covered.
h. Ensures that adequate stocks of safety and emergency equipment and
protective clothing are available at all times. Prepares requisitions for
replenishment of safety materials stock and recommends the purchase of
new equipment, as necessary. Evaluates new items to assess their
suitability, reviews related literature and advertising materials and forwards
recommendations to Manager. Controls the issue and use such equipment
and follows up to replace defective or worn clothing and equipment by
recommending supply as necessary.
i. Responsible for the support of Company Safety, environment and Quality
policies and programs, and carrying out specific duties and responsibilities
related to his job as spelled out in Management system documentation,
policies, procedures, local documentation, Management System Manual,
Safety Manual and other related documents.
j. Carries out other similar or related duties such as spot auditing and
inspection of work activities in assigned areas; maintaining an awareness of
developments in his field; carrying out special studies on safety matters;
following up on safety training or recommending specialized training
requirements for Plant or Safety personnel, and maintaining inspection or
activity records and files as required.

Work Contacts:
Regular contacts with operations and maintenance personnel to superintendent level
to review and follow-up on safe working practices in the Gas Plants and provide
advice and assistance as required. Contacts with local police and Government
agencies to provide information and /or discuss incidents in the plant and regular
contracts and contractors while checking their work or when giving safety briefings.

Independence of Operations:
Works in accordance with standard procedures and inspection program and is
expected to work independently within these guidelines. Major matters or incidents
are referred to supervisor for discussion. Work is subject to review and direction by

Supervisory Responsibility:
Supervises : 4 safety technicians(contract)

Physical Effort:
60% driving, walking and climbing while auditing safety practices on site.

Work Environment:
40%- air-conditioned office environment.
60% non air-conditioned environment , exposed to heat, humidity, noises and fumes
and some visits to potentially dangerous areas, such as inside vessels and boilers up
to 50 % of the time.

Minimum Requirements:
a. Bachelor’s degree in an Engineering or Science discipline or equivalent
education and experience.
b. 5 Years’ varied experience in plant safety matters including at least 3 years
within an oil industry environment or a petrochemical plant.
c. Good written and spoken English.

CONSULTANT Warren Gibson


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