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JOB TITLE Job Analyst
DATE POSTED 4/05/2012
INDUSTRY Management/HR
DISCIPLINE Management Positions
LOCATION Middle East - Qatar

Job Specification

Job Purpose

·      Provide Job Analysis and Job Design Services to Qatargas and support the Compensation and Policy Division with Job Evaluation Services.



Reporting and Relationships

·         The position reports to Senior Job Evaluation Supervisor.

·         This position has no supervisory responsibilities.

·         Internally: Contacts to obtain information, provides advice for job analysis administration purposes at all levels up to Group and Department Manager level on a frequent basis and periodically with senior management to provide advice and seek approval in job design matters.

·         Externally: Frequent liaison with other oil and gas companies and consultancy firms on job design and analysis practices.



Job Context & Major Challenge(s)


·      Works independently in accordance with established Company Policy and Procedures. Completed assignments are subject to review.

·      The position holder deals with all Qatargas workforce in a multi-national and multi-cultural environment; requires constant establishing and developing of effective work relations with all Qatargas staff at all levels.

·      Expected and required to demonstrate initiative and flexibility due to the dynamic nature of jobs and job market.

·      The Job holder’s biggest challenge is to capture accurate and complete information when interviewing a job holder to ensure the validity of the job design and evaluation process. Is required to interpret task and responsibility data, to determine appropriate wording for JDs.



 Generic Accountabilities – All Employees


Safety Health & Environment


·      Ensure   all   activities are undertaken in compliance with Company Safety, Health and Environment and Quality policies, regulations and standards.

Qatarization Program

·      Contribute to the development of Qatari employees. This accountability is a condition of employment for expatriate employees.


Firewall Compliance


·      Ensure all activities undertaken comply with anti – trust and competition laws and the Company firewall policies and procedures.


Key Job Accountabilities


1.    Contributes to the Company having up to date job descriptions / JFM for all approved positions. Includes carrying out job analysis for new or amended positions; preparing and editing draft job descriptions; reviewing new drafts with line managers and incumbents and processing revised job descriptions through necessary internal approval authorities.


2.      Prepares and maintains job questionnaires and prepares job descriptions ensuring they are accurate and complete through interviews with incumbents and supervisors.

3.      Organises and coordinates the Job Description Review Panel meetings.


4.      Validate all new positions and redesigned positions to ensure they have titles that comply with the Company Job Title List.


5.      Assists with reviewing, analysing and updating of Job Family Models and identifying other professions that can be converted to JFMs. Also conducts coaching sessions of selected employees to develop JFMs.


6.      Through conducting job analysis, identifies and flags for review changes to organisation structure and charts.


7.      In relation to new and revised job descriptions, investigates queries raised by department management for job sizes, appropriate position titles and promotions. Prepares recommendations and follows-up as required.


8.      Remain current on job design techniques by liaising with QP, Rasgas, Hay Group and other organizations to determine common best practices.


9.    Periodically reviews organizational changes that may affect job grades to locate potential salary problem areas. Analyze organizational changes or requests from management to identify positions which require analysis, review, evaluation or revaluation.

·        Job descriptions data base current

·        Audit of jobs database


·        Audit of job titles

Person Specification – Minimum Requirements






·       Bachelor’s degree in Business or Human Resources Administration.

·        Specialized training in Hay Group job analysis methodology (Hay certified) preferred.


Knowledge and/or Experience



·         6+ years’ experience in human resources administration, including at least 3 years in job analysis, job description review.

Technical and Business Skills











·         Excellent verbal and written communication skills. 

·         Well developed interpersonal skills.

·         Good level of self confidence

·         The ability to write clear, unambiguous and succinct job   descriptions is essential.

·         Familiar with standard business software such as Excel and MS Word.


CONSULTANT Warren Gibson


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