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JOB TITLE Senior Geologist Regional
DATE POSTED 19/01/2014
INDUSTRY Engineering/Oil/Mining
DISCIPLINE Engineer - Oil/Gas
LOCATION Middle East - Qatar

Purpose of the Job

To gather all available regional geological data from all Petroleum Basins assigned to him. Carry out rigorous integrated detailed technical evaluation of all these Basins, apply appropriate risking and ranking elements and identify major promising play fairways to guide client's Exploration efforts.  

Key Accountabilities


Duties and Responsibilities

         Carries out regional correlation, sequence stratigraphic correlation and regional structural framework

         Carries out regional stratigraphic framework, regional reservoir, seal and trap analysis

         Carries out detailed integrated Basin Modelling and Petroleum System Analysis the region assigned to his team. This will include, Maturation analysis, Expulsion  analysis,  migration, regional reservoir study, regional trap style and integrity study and analysis.

         Carries out regional reservoir facies presence, distribution and regional properties and distribution.

         Regional mapping of play trends with assigned risking and ranking

         Recommends areas of focus to guide the Exploration plan.

         Ensures all work is done following the best standard technical practices and state of the art technology in a timely manner to keep pace with the client's Exploration campaign.

         Guides Exploration campaign through rigorous diligent technical work.

         Recommends areas of focus and further need for any data acquisition and/or interpretation.

         Collects all available regional G&G data from all Hydrocarbon Basins assigned to his Team. Such data will include but not limited to; Land and Aero-magnetic data, land and aero-gravity data, seismic data, wells data, reconnaissance surface geology data, published reports, published and commercially available reports and studies.

         Supervises and oversees activities by setting and controlling specialized professional standards

Presentations and Reports

Produces maps and reports and presentations to peers and superiors.

Performance and Development

         Develops young staff especially nationals in regional hydrocarbon play identification and assessment and in carrying out regional studies and other technical specialties.


         Consults Basin Studies Team Leader in Technical and Administrative issues.

         Consults peers in regular peer reviews and or Technical review meetings.

Policies, Systems, Processes & Procedures

         Works independently guided by functional objectives, his department and sections procedures and routine

Quality, Health, Safety, & Environment

             Adheres to and implements the Company's occupational safety and health and environment policy effectively in all of his work.  Evaluates the impact of all his activities on the environment by participating in the development, implementation and monitoring of a sound environment protection program.

Related Assignments

             Keeps abreast with the latest developments in the field of exploration.

             Carries out his/her tasks without supervision.

             Work completed will be subject to Basin Analysis and Regional Play Team Leader's review.

Qualifications & Experience

Minimum Qualifications and Knowledge:

         B.Sc. in Geosciences or equivalent subject


         +10 years' experience in the oil industry, including practical hands on geosciences work within the exploration function.

         Should have up to date experience in the most modern techniques and technologies.

Job specific skills & competencies:

         Fluency in English.

         High proficiency or expert in Computer Applications in his field including specialized softwares.

CONSULTANT Warren Gibson


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