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JOB TITLE Lead Standardization Engineer
DATE POSTED 19/01/2014
INDUSTRY Engineering/Oil/Mining
DISCIPLINE Engineer - Oil/Gas
LOCATION Middle East - Qatar

Purpose of the Job

·         Developing, maintaining, updating and adopting a optimize number of standards / regulations to fulfil projects requirements. These standards/regulations will permit to control the Corporation from any defected services or products and provide necessary confidence.

·         Inadequate Standards/Regulation could affect the whole industry and adversely affect and reduce the required development/improvement and may also result in serious safety or environmental impacts or damage due to absence of proper control.

Key Accountabilities

Main Duties and Responsibilities:

·         To manage the process of development, maintenance, optimization and execution of adequate Standards/Regulations which will be necessary to fulfil the standardisation plan.

·         To work in partnership with others to lead and guide the implementation of systematic approaches to standardisation programs. The position is responsible for promoting the awareness and benefit of standardisation concepts, the major responsibilities shall include assessing the needs to develop standards/regulations.

·         To Participate and manage the standardisation task forces/ working Groups in the corporate according to corporate requirements

·         To identify and update the Corporate standards to reflect technical variables and attributes for given processes.

·         To represent client in National, Regional and International event which has a relation with standardization activities.

·         To manage International, Regional & National Standards review processes within the QPI.

·         To coordinate the establishment and maintenance of master list of corporate approved standards and worldwide accepted standards.

·         To participate in project design review and audit for the function of technical standards.

·         To conduct awareness courses and forums on standardizations processes.

Policies, Systems, Processes & Procedures

·         To follow the risk assessment and priorities systems based on client’s standardization programs which shall control standardization processes for the corporate.

·         To interact, liaise and consult with the other departments to establish effective and sound standards system.

·         To be responsible for standardized approach in the development of corporate standards by preparing standard procedures for developing client’s Standards.

·         To follow up and audit the process of preparation, review, approval and publication of client standards for conformance of the approved procedures and worldwide accepted standards.

Quality, Health, Safety, & Environment

·         Familiarity with applicable federal and municipal health, safety and environmental regulations.

Statements and Reports

·         To prepare and submit status (annual/quarterly) reports when required about the development in the standardization activities.

Related Assignments

·         Work will involve visiting work sites both indoors and outdoors at all times.

Qualifications & Experience

Minimum Qualifications and Knowledge:

·         Experience in leading and conducting training courses, seminar, task forces etc.


·         BSc. in Engineering with 15 years experience in downstream ventures including all project phases.

Job specific skills & competencies:

·         Senior level English report writing, program planning and evaluation skills.

·         Highly developed oral and interpersonal skills.

·         Excellent public speaking, presentation and training skills.

·         Excellent computer skills essential.

·         Must be able to work independently and as well as within collaborative groups.

CONSULTANT Warren Gibson


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