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JOB TITLE Exploration Manager
DATE POSTED 19/01/2014
INDUSTRY Engineering/Oil/Mining
DISCIPLINE Engineer - Oil/Gas
LOCATION Middle East - Qatar

Purpose of the Job

         To plan and formulate exploration strategies. To provide expertise, resources and specialized technical support to direct and drive exploration efforts so as to allow for smooth operational functioning through managing, directing and coordinating exploration and appraisal activities in the company's operated and non-operated areas.

         Includes planning and directing all seismic and data acquisition, processing and interpretation activities, exploration and appraisal drilling.

         Prospects generation, risking and ranking and preparation of an updated prospect and leads portfolio. Resources and reserves assessment and updating the company's resources sheet.

Key Accountabilities


Duties and Responsibilities

         Manages and directs the activities of assigned personnel in the Exploration Department. Performs supervisory duties and exercises financial authority at the level established by management for the position.

         Manages Basin Analysis and assessment of the world Petroleum provinces to identify major play trends duly risked and ranked.

         Manages integrated data interpretation and evaluation to generate prospects and leads and keeps an updated risked and ranked prospects portfolio.

         Manages and supervises exploration activities in company operated and non-operated areas in a timely and cost effective manner.

         Manages and Plans for geological and geophysical analysis for support of the exploration in the granted concession areas to probe the availability of oil

         Manages and Ensures the availability of technology, resources and specialized applications required for Various technical studies and scientific analysis.

         Manages the data analysis, collation and storage of physical field samples that pertain to the scientific evaluation of the exploration areas. Creates indices and find cost.

         Ensures the availability of conceptual designing and geodetic support. Promotes, suggests and follows leading technology to ensure effective and efficient operations.

Manages and Responsible for quality control of all geological and geophysical activities such as;

1)      Monitoring and follow up of Exploration and appraisal wells to ensure that all identified objectives are met in a safe manner.

2)      Seismic acquisition, processing and interpretation.

3)      Integrated G&G studies and interpretation.

         Manages activities by setting and controlling specialized professional standards. 

         Ensures that client has the state of art technology and intellectual capacity and know how to work competently as an independent operator and an effective partner in par with international companies.


Plans and Budget

         Directly controls significant Upstream budget. Authorizes expenditure within the Limit of Authority (LOA) as approved by the company for his position

         Manages the development, implementation and strict financial control of all operating and capital budgets related to exploration department. 

         Reviews and approves budgeted expenditure, obtains approvals for budget variations and provides management with reports on all financial activities of the Department.

Performance and Development

         Develops department staff especially nationals in geological and geophysical studies and other technical and managerial areas to enhance their capabilities.

Policies, Systems, Processes & Procedures

         Ensures that the Company's occupational safety and health and environment policy is effectively implemented in all areas of work under his control, reducing unfavourable trends and ensures that corrective actions are promptly implemented.

Quality, Health, Safety, & Environment

         Develops safety plans and programs in coordination with the HSE Department, to ensure that all subordinates are competent to carry out their work and fully aware of all hazards. 

         Evaluates the impact of all activities under his responsibility on the environment by participating in the development, implementation and monitoring of a sound environment protection program.

Related Assignments

         Work accomplishments are subject to E&P Director's review.

         Keeps abreast with the latest developments in the field of exploration and develop his/her team accordingly.

         Works independently guided by functional objectives

Qualifications & Experience

Minimum Qualifications and Knowledge:

         B.Sc. in Geosciences or equivalent subject

         Should have up to date experience in the most modern techniques and technologies.


         +20 years varied experience in the oil industry, including practical hands on geosciences work within the exploration function.



Internal & External Contacts:


         Continuous contacts at senior levels with E&P Director and all Departments' Managers to coordinate development of work programs. 

         Regular formal and informal contacts with all Exploration department employees to enhance upward and downward communication.


         Frequent contacts with service contractors, suppliers and vendors to provide clarification on Company requirements, negotiate contracts and ensures quality.

         Frequent contacts with representatives of Partners and other oil producing companies in the region to exchange information of mutual interest.

Problem Solving & Decision Making

         Takes timely operational decisions based on techno-commercial analysis of the situation in coordination with E&P Management.

         Uses objective judgment and discretion for urgent matters that require immediate actions. Responsible for all outcomes and results of exploration activities.

CONSULTANT Warren Gibson


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