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DATE POSTED 7/12/2017
INDUSTRY Engineering/Oil/Mining
LOCATION Overseas - Other
ROLE DESCRIPTION PURPOSE The Mineral Resource Manager (MRM) is responsible for managing, leading and coordinating all near mine surface and underground exploration; resource modeling and estimation; and geological data management functions of Geology Department. The position provides indirect input and guidance into open pit and underground grade control practices, procedures, estimates and reconciliation as the mines most senior geologist and technical lead. The MRM ensures that all activities are carried out in conformance with policy, especially with respect to cultural, safety, environment and legislative requirements. SAFETY AND SUSTAINABILITY EXPECTATIONS The MRM is required to – • Carry out duties diligently, with the highest regard for the safety of themselves, other employees, environment and community members. • Comply with relevant policy, procedure, guidelines and standards, as well as national and international acts, regulations and guidelines pertaining to health, safety, environment and community relations. • As a senior staff member have the additional responsibility of ensuring satisfactory work performance and compliance of staff with safety, health and environment best practice. KEY AREAS OF RESPONSIBILITY / RESULTS & ASSOCIATED DUTIES Key Area: Professional Standing Duties: • Maintain compliance with Canadian National Instrument 43-101 (NI-43-101) guidelines in relation to all aspects of data acquisition, estimation and reporting of resources and reserves. • Ensure that all data is accountable and auditable under the financial provisions of US Sarbannes-Oxley (SOX) guidelines. • Maintain good standing (membership) and abide by the Code of Conduct of an internationally recognized professional body e.g. Society of Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration (SME), Australasian Institute of Mining & Metallurgy (AusIMM), Australian Institute of Geologists (AIG), South African Institute of Mining & Metallurgy (SAIMM) and or Canadian Institute of Mining (CIM). Key Area: Workforce Management Duties: • Structure the Geology Department to achieve strategic objects. • Ensure that time, focus and priorities of direct reports and Department employees are aligned for optimum team performance. • Ensure staff resources are maximized and staff members undertake appropriate training and development so they are skilled efficiently to perform allocated duties. Retain and develop key personnel. • Implement and monitor performance and skills development plans for all direct reports. Ensure performance management and skills development for all Geology Department members is in place and adhered to. • Coach and mentor staff while ensuring work outputs are in line with strategic and business plans • Initiate disciplinary action or reward recognition for staff as required and earned. • Build and maintain collaborative internal relationships with key departments (Mining, Process, Environment, Growth, Safety and Finance) • Develop Departmental KPI’s - to ensure agreed work programs, drilling, cost and ounce delivery targets are met. Key Area: Open Pit & Underground Geology Duties: • Guide the Open Pit and Underground Geology Departments in developing strategy, technical programs and implementation of work programs so that resources and reserves are developed, mined and reconciled to best practice. • Develop and implement geology management systems and strategic plans which provide accurate and reliable grade estimation models, extracted grade output monitoring, grade control techniques and reconciliations, with the aim of maximizing mined ore grade whilst minimizing ore loss through dilution, ore misclassification and incorrect stockpile routing. • Present strategies and work programs to Geology and Mining, Leadership, Corporate and JV Partners. • Build and maintain formalized relationships with key contractors to effectively manage contracts to maximize efficiencies, productivity and safety results. • Management of reconciliation systems that monitor resource/reserve generation from exploration models through the production process to milled production. Key Area: Near-Mine Exploration (MINEX) • Manage and approve the development, proposal, implementation and safe execution of surface and underground MINEX programs. • Ensure that MINEX programs are appropriate to Life of Mine plan scheduling and are incorporated into the LOM Tier 3 and Tier 4 planning. • Generation of a 5 year MINEX development plan to ensure ongoing successful replacement of mined reserves and progression of projects through the MINEX project pipeline. • Work together with the Barrick Nevada Growth Group to ensure all MINEX is part of the Barrick Nevada strategy for ongoing resource and reserve growth. • Coordinate required Project Development work e.g. geotechnical, metallurgical and hydrogeological required to progress projects to mineable reserves. WORKING EXPERIENCE – NATURE & LENGTH • +15 years demonstrated near-mine development (MINEX) experience on tenements surrounding an active mining camp, concurrent with underground and open pit mine geology experience. • Demonstrated ability to interface cross-departmentally within an active mining environment. • Demonstrated 3D correlation, wire-framing and solid modelling experience using a geological modeling software package. • Demonstrated experience in generating 2D plans and sections using both mine planning software package and GIS software. • Demonstrated experience in applying Geostatistics to resource and grade control estimations. • Demonstrated ability to complete and interpret mineral reserve reconciliations against actual mined, actual planned, grade control, stockpiled and processed ore volumes. • Demonstrated knowledge and or ability to complete 3D Grade Control block models for ore block delineation, mining and reconciliation. • Demonstrated ability to generate MINEX strategy and MINEX programs. • Demonstrated ability to engage and manage drilling, assay laboratory, down-hole survey, geophysical, geochemical, mapping, logging and other contractors. • Demonstrated ability to engage, manage and lead consultants engaged in providing technical support to mine geology and MINEX programs. • Demonstrated ability to budget and manage mine geology & near-mine development finances. • Demonstrated ability to complete daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual reports. • Demonstrated tenement management ability. • Experience in design, implementation and interpretation of outcomes from geochemical, geophysical and field mapping programs. • Experience in the mining and exploration for structurally and stratigraphically controlled gold deposits with preference being for Carlin style mineralization. • Ability to qualify as a ‘Competent Person’ under JORC, SME and/ or NI-43-101 reporting codes.
CONSULTANT Warren Gibson


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